Forty is a very significant number in the Bible. For instance, Genesis tells us before the flood, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. The Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years. And Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness struggling with temptation.

Today, most trainers, psychologists and coaches will tell you that it usually takes between 30-40 days to “re-train” your mind in a new habit. So if you decide to eat healthier, exercise, stop smoking or commit to something new, it takes somewhere around 40 days to really get that routine programmed into your life.

I wanted to create this challenge, because I believe when we commit to a spiritual reading habit for 40 days, we may actually be able to integrate that into our minds in a meaningful and significant way. It's never too late to change! 

Learning more about Jesus' life through the eyes of His disciples and followers for the next 40 days & nights will give you first hand accounts of his love, power, death and resurrection that was encountered for you, His sheep! 

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